心はここにある それだけで揺るぐことはない (旧SAD AND STRANGE WORLD)


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What is an insufficient one for me?
What is the important one?
What was found while spending every day?
Is it significant to it?

It is necessary to agree with the doubt that always arises well and to apply it.

What is what I should do?
What is a necessary thing?

Should I find an answer to a question to what yearning?

What is a correct answer?
Because no one teaches, it begins to twist it.
A small head is strained and it begins to twist it.

Hey Mi. Any worlds do not change.
Any worlds do not change no matter how I change.

Is it accepted?
There is only a thick wall there...
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Mr, 。。。
I can't speak Japanese!! I like women!! So, I want to girl friend!! I love to f*ck!!

>>Mr, NO.13
I have many question. But, I'm noticed that nobody is perfect by your comment. I will catch the light. York New is very lewd and very strange!! hahaha!!
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  • at 2007.06.23 21:01 
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>>Ms, Yuuki
Sorry, I wrote in English... But, I am happy! Because, you read this topic and wrote this comment!! Thank you!! By the way, I love Kanagawa!! I want to go to Hakone!!

>>Ms, Sato
Oh, my god!! I can't speak Japanese!! I like Sushi, Fujiyama!!
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Hi! My son is very very small!! But, My son is very very strong!! So,I am angry!! I ate carry & rice!!

Thank you!! I'm not a perfect person. But, your comment is very strong encouragement!! So,I will send Chocolate. But, I don't have money. Because, I am NEET!!

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I cannot tell the answer that you want.
because nobody knows it.

Time may solve just your worry,or not.
Anyway,you should lost the way now.
because you will be able to get only your light!

York New is so lewd man.hahaha!
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  • at 2007.06.19 16:24 
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What is this?
I can't speak English.
Do you understand?
Oh thank you very much.
See you !!
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I can not speak English.

_| ̄|○
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I dont know what you should do.
But I think you have to live in this sad and strange world.
Bilieve yourself,and give me chocolate.
Your STRONGEST WILL is my favorite chocolate.
And I also love money.Give me money a lot please.
Please! Please youself!!
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You should grip your son and move up and。。。
I'm sorry for not reading this mood!!
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  • at 2007.06.19 00:12 
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